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This downhill dogleg-left hole, for long stroke golfers crossing dogleg and cutting the ball is a must. If not then the shot will pass the fairway into the woods.
This is not a difficult shot approach since the green has two (lawn /wave). However, if positioning the ball inaccurately then you might land on the elevated green and bunkers trap.
Par 5- Handicap 8- 580 yard play from the championship tees From this hole, golfers should think about their position for the second shot.
With the mound in the middle of the fairway, even a slight miscalculation the ball can land in the trap or worst in the small canal. But with a nice long shot over the mound the approaching distance is less than 100 yards.
Par 3- Handicap 18- 154 yard play from the championship tees
Over the hill and you will land on the green.
There are several traps here including the two bunkers left- back of the green, and left- front is the lake, but the green is not too small for completing in one on.
Par 4- Handicap 2- 422 yard play from the championship tees
This is a nice long tee, but there are two big trees in front of the fairway.
Golfers must try to drive over the trees. This shot approach is the play on the fairway parallel to the lake, with another trap in front of the green.
Par 4- Handicap 4- 506 yard play from the championship tees
The distance from here is rather far from the fairway.
Golfers must try to avoid the lake on the left, and the woods on the right, but the green is wide enough to make this par 4 stroke not too difficult.
Par 5- Handicap 9- 582 yard play from championship tees
This hole, the tee-off is to cross the beautiful lake, with a bridge connecting the tee-off and the fairway.
The highlight of this hole is at the elevated green from the fairway, and the bunker toward the right. The mountain scenery is visible from the front, and all the way around lake to the right of the fairway.
Par 3- Handicap 14- 198 yards play from the championship tees This par 3 hole is just the right distance for a stroke, but there is a line of bunkersacross the front.
This hole requires a good estimation on the green since there are tricky slops.
Par 4 – Handicap 15 – 387 yard play from the championship tees This par 4 hole is a test for golfers precision and mind! For this hole, finding the fairway is a must, as well as driving the ball between the large trees.
If you get stuck here then it will be a long approach back to the fairway. There are elevated slopes on the right of the green and the lake not far behind the slope.
Par 4- Handicap 12- 428 yards play from the championship tees This Par 4 hole and dogleg right. A must is to drive past the bunker on the right, but if baring too much to the left then golfers will land in the slope.
Thereafter golfers need to do quite well to pass the slopes and the risk of making 3 putt.
Par 4- handicap 12- 428 yards play from championship tees Par 4 dogleg right. Driving toward the right will give advantages in this hole, but you must be careful of the bunker in this direction.
This hole also sets the pace for the coming 9 holes since after this the green has more slopes and hills. Read the line well for this hole will lead to an advantage.
Par 3- handicap 16- 188 yards play from the championship tees
Par 3 the difficulty is not in the distance of the drive but on the green.
This hole the green slopes from left down. If a golfer aims too far to the left then the ball slide down the slope.
Par 3- handicap 16- 188 yards play from the championship tees
These later holes are more difficult on the green, since it is sloping down from the left. If the ball slides down toward the right this will be difficult to make par 3.
Par 5- handicap 1- 664 yards play from the championship tees.This is probably the longest and hardest hole in the whole course.
Golfers should aim well from the first shot at tee off. Any drive out of the fairway will be difficult for the pars. Second stroke will be between positioning yourself for the later ones.
Par 4- handicap 6- 458 yards play from the championship tees. At this hole the challenge is not only that golfers have to drive over the lake, but also the tree in the middle of the fairway.
This shot approach is to make a good aim to pass the tree by the right, but not too far right that you land on the pound trap.
Par 4- handicap 10- 395 yards play from the championship tees. At this hole golfers should stroke more toward the right, with the green in 3 lawn this shot requires some good aiming in order to end the hole with 3 putt.
Par 4- handicap 11- 460 yards play from the championship tees. This dogleg- right, with a tree in the middle of the fairway.
Golfers should play toward the right to avoid the tree trap. Shot approach is to be careful of the pound trap in the left- back. Also the green is a sloping down the left.
Par 3- handicap 3- 196 yards play from the championship tees. Since the green is in a challenging spot right by the mountain, golfers should also take into calculation the distance on the hills.
On the right side of the green there also a hole below the green’s level with mound trap. Aim a good line if not you can easily exceed the 3 putts.
Par 5- handicap 13- 565 yardsplay from the championship tees. For this hole golfers could choose to play between the 2 fairways, however, if you choose the right to play the shorter distance you are then challenge with a few obstacles such as the woods in front and bunker traps to the left- right.

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
Black 459 580 154 422 506 582 198 387 412 3,700
Blue 422 563 140 352 476 569 178 355 380 3,435
White 390 502 130 336 436 550 165 328 353 3,190
Red 354 462 118 298 394 528 146 287 313 2,900
Par 4 5 3 4 4 5 3 4 4 36
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In TOT COURSE
Black 428 188 428 664 458 395 460 196 565 3,782 7,482 75.8
Blue 395 162 403 636 430 364 423 174 537 3,524 6,959 72.2
White 364 144 385 610 408 335 397 162 503 3,308 6,498 69.8
Red 325 113 367 574 379 295 370 137 472 3,032 5,932 69.4
Par 4 3 4 5 4 4 4 3 5 36 72
Pro Shop: The shop provides everything that golfers need, from professional golfing equipments to a comfortable waiting space while waiting for tee off. The shop is also a miniature cafe serving beverages and light snakes. If this suits you, there is also a place for paying your green fees.


Driving Range: Adjust your swing after the game or warm up your body with a good drive before entering the field. This 15 lanes driving range uniquely carpeted with the same real grass used in the field.


Golf cars: Driven by caddies, service price 500 baht to 18 holes.


Caddie services: Available at all time.

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